Freeze Dried Foods

Freeze Drying is the most convenient and longest storing method of food storage. Water is forced out and food is packed in oxygen-free packaging. Mountain House and Wise brands.

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Water Filters

water filterClean water should be among your first concerns. In the event of a nation-wide emergency, most will get sick or die from a lack of potable water. We have both AquaBrick and AquaRain.

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Gas Masks

gas maskWhat if there was an accident at a local chemical plant or an accident transporting chemicals by truck or train? What would you do?  Seconds count! World famous Israeli Gas Masks.

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Radiation Detection

prepperFunctional and tested radiological detection equipment; old Civil Defense and modern devices. Even experienced preppers know little of this field. We specialize in radiation preparedness!

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Food preparation and storage items coming soon:  Vacuum sealers, Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers, Gamma Seal lids, even home freeze dryers!

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Winning Ideas For The Beginning Prepper

We have been having problems with our learning curve with fair shipping prices for the variety of products we offer.  We only intend to to charge about what we get charged to ship the item.  Until we figure it out you could place your order by email or phone from our contact page and we will quote the proper shipping price to you and place your order that way instead of the shopping cart.  If you place an order through the shopping cart and it significantly over charges you, we have been sending out postage over-payment refunds.  NO OVERSEAS ORDERS FROM THE SHOPPING CART!  The shipping costs are extreme and some items may be restricted from shipping.  Overseas orders will have to be handled on an individual basis.

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On each page of this site we have already answered your most likely questions via a series of YouTube videos, however, we are giving a blog a try for questions not answered here and for some general communication with like-minded people.  Since we don’t accept advertising we should be able to speak about products without fear of censorship!  Please be civil or we will block you or discontinue the blog if it gets out of control.

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