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Survey Meter / geiger counter
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Fukushima Realities

Radiation dangers are the most ignored and least understood aspect of preparedness.  Although a Cold War era nuclear apocalypse may no longer be as much of a concern for most, the danger is still there along with nuclear power plant accidents or dirty bombs.  Without any knowledge or equipment to indicate levels, you could be in deep trouble.  We specialize in radiation detection and have not only fully operational old Civil Defense era equipment, but also modern digital devices too.

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CD-V715 Civil Defense radiological survey meter for high level gamma with original instruction manual and shoulder strap  $60


About older Civil Defense equipment:  The early 1960’s Civil Defense Era equipment here is tested for proper operation before shipping.  These are all over 50 years old and have some cosmetic scuffs or scratches in their original finish.  You are getting antique original operational equipment in original packaging so please don’t expect the one delivered to be perfect.  We conduct a zero and circuit tests for survey meters, ability for the dosimeter chargers to set the dosimeters to zero, and for the presence of dosimeter drift after one week.  These have not been recently calibrated; most have last calibration dates from the late 80’s to early 90’s. If you think you have to have a calibrated unit, read this first.

About Geiger counters and other models:  although we have many Geiger counter models, we try not to sell any since they are not for preparedness/survival purposes!  If you are buying a geiger counter because you think radiation is coming to the US from Japan, please don’t buy equipment from this site as you will be sorely disappointed.  Educate yourself by starting here.  Or go to YouTube channel ForbiddTV.  For further questions contact Craig.  We have the most complete stock of the original equipment, parts and accessories!  Many other items can be purchased in person at trade shows we attend.  This is the best site to learn about the different models.