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filtering surface water?
Virus too small to filter


AquaRain is a gravity-fed ceramic cartridge filter system similar to the British Berkefeld, Berkey, Katadyn, Doulton or Pro Pur.  Since the CDC says a virus cannot be removed by filtering, we would never recommend any of them for use with surface water, only for well water or tap water.  Beware of claims made by water filter companies with ceramic filters who make such claims!  With a .3 micron rating the AquaRain filters down to about the smallest size possible for a gravity-fed system.  AquaRain filters are made in the USA.

AquaRain Water Filters Click Here

aquabrick-water-filter-system-2While most water filtration systems on the market only remove certain dangerous elements from your drinking water, the AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System will remove or deactivate virtually all harmful substances from any non-salt water source. Within a matter of minutes, the AquaBrick™ water filter will deliver safe drinking water by deactivating harmful bacteria, virus, cysts, such as cryptosporidium and giardia, and removing heavy metals. Using our proprietary filtration method the filter literally deactivates and removes waterborne microbes from even the most contaminated water source. The AquaBrick™ water filter removes hydrocarbons, fluoride, chlorine and other harmful substances providing clean, purified drinking water for you and your family.

AquaBrick Water Filters Click Here